Grotto Street Home Remodel

Before/During Demolition
During Remodel


* More First Floor Before and After Photos - mostly main floor addition/remodel - 03-13-2006

* Torn Out Upstairs - photos of the gutted upstairs rooms 12-23-2006

* Our Vendors - the ones that helped make this place look soooo good. 04-02-2006

* First floor Sheetrock is in! Taping! It's all coming together - 10-02-2005

* Progress is Being Made - last updated 09-01-2005

* Construction begins - last updated 07-31-2005

* Major DemolitionThe old porch/dining room is gone. The paneling is going - minor update 09-01-2005

* Initial Drawings from John Dwyer of Shelter Architecture (

* Official Drawings from John Dwyer of Shelter Architecture (very large PDF files)

* Basement hole and walls

* Artifacts and Heirlooms found in the attic, basement, and rest of the house