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LEO JAMES DUEBER - born 12-28-2007


Click on the photo above for NEW photos (updated July, 2008). Yes, he is crawling and pulling himself up and walking next to furniture...AT SIX MONTHS!! He's busy, busy, busy...


Click on the photo at left for a few more (outdated) photos.


Click the photo below to see more of our other little bundle of joy!!! She's 2 already!!!!!

Some older photos:

Straight Line Winds in the Como Neighborhood - the block took a beating (Aug 2007)

A Picasa album. The first 1/2 of the photos are from Saturday morning (Aug 11) after the storm, the cleanup ones are from Wed night (Aug 15). Note the little stick that got blown straight into the fence.

Some photos of...who else...Grace from June 2007

Our Trip to Ireland - May-June 2007

Grace Grows Up - monthly photos showing how fast she's growing - updated December, 2006


Bill and Danit are Parents!!! Ziv Brown Dueber - Born Aug 26, 2006


Our House Remodel - click on the links or photos for more...


Framing & Building the Home Addition - updated 12-23-2006

A bit of everything

A Gallery of Grace, Vacation, and House Photo Album - updated 03-13-2006

Before and After Photos - mostly main floor addition/remodel - 03-13-2006


Our Vendors - the ones that helped make our house look soooo good. 04-02-2006

* Mike and Jody's Wedding - WITH WEDDING & HONEYMOON PHOTOS !! - page last updated 12-15-2004!

* Bill and Danit's Wedding - June 25, 2004.

* Other Exciting (even more outdated) Family News

* A page for Duedelle Designs is now up!


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